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I was Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Everybody call me "Nae Nae" from My given birth name but I like for everybody to start calling me HollyGrovess. The "Holly"stands for me always feeling like a Superstar and the "Groves" is my last name from my Mother with A Extra S added because I know I'm Extraordinary. I am super funny and love kicking it with my kiddos most of the time! (Clea and CJ). I am also a public figure, make-up artist, A stylist at a retail store called EVEREVE, and most importantly a people person!

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I have always been passionate about dancing and anything that has to do with being dramatic! I am an upcoming Artist in the music industry as well. My sole passion is to become a Legend. I want everyone to see love is real. I know this because I love my Dreams!


I can make a difference as the next fashion hero by bringing my originality to the table! With a stamping spark! Growing up I always got my outfit out the day before any occasion because I am always anxious to showcase my creatives to my surroundings. That is just me though. Or is it!? I want to show the world "I am just like you". I want to be able to inspire those who feel different because guess what!? You are! I will show the world you can do anything you love if you just believe in YOURSELF.

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