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Hi world, my name is Loren Jackman. I’m a southern belle from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Currently living in Texas. I am God’s spiritual warrior with a gift of feeling and seeing into the unseen, picking up on others emotions and pains so I can connect with them in deeper ways.. I am a pastor’s daughter. I try to live my life as Jesus did. Love, peace, joy, and understanding and self control are very big in my life. I give my life to Jesus everyday for him to do his work here on Earth, leading and speaking of the Unfailing Love of Jesus is my purpose and I will live it out daily. I love everything to do with beauty. I am vegan haircare healer. I am a artist. I am creator. I am designer. I am honest, loyal, patient, goofy, serious, deep, genuine, always authentic and I will always be Loren and that is the only person I want to be. I’m always growing and evolving into the next best version of me and want to help others do the same

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My dream is to awaken the hearts and mind of others to their true potential, to the undeniable love of God for us, to give second chances to others to achieve their dreams. I am an artist, which I love blessing others with my passion with a canvas, makeup, styling, fashion, interior design and much more. I want to be a vessel for others to experience Heaven on Earth. My dreams and Passions would be to love on the unloved, ophans, feed the starving, heal and free the captives. To teach and reach heart and minds of others. I have a huge passion for others, to share the knowledge and wisdom and love I have and have learned to all; to create ripple effects into the world that have the possibility to change someone’s day, mind, hearts and lives. I want to help save God’s children and expressing with gratitude and understanding of the spiritual beings and spiritual war we live in! How important we each are! To awaken the harden hearts and renew the minds of the ones around me. To give complete life make overs for others: to help them completely love themselves and see what others see in them, for sometimes we lose sight of our own potential. I want to make the world a better place


I will fully be myself, standing firm in my beliefs and morals. I will stand with integrity with who I am. I will be bold In Christ and help others do the same. That being a Christian does not come easy. What Being a spiritual warrior is all about and to share my testimonies without the fear of being shamed, rejected and to full express myself authenticity. To allow other to have a brand new perspective of life, themselves and the spiritual realm around us and how to navigate the physical realm with protection, love, grace, acceptance, gentleness, joy and that you can live like Jesus now matter what everyone else is doing. To stand out from the crowd. To be a leader, not a follower. To do opposite of what everyone else is doing and to completely be authenticity you. Express your self in any way you can: clothes, words, art, shoes, music. Say who you are without having to say anything. I think I have a different way of looking at life than most. A role model to younger women, and girls. To help older women find themselves and their beauty again, after putting their family before themselves. To be a spiritual role Model and leader for all races, genders, ages, religions, to all of Us bc we are all God’s children! God will reach others through me for I have asked to be a vessel for him, and I AM NOT ASHAMED!

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