Maria Angelee
28 Anni
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I love doing selfie.. I love facing in the camera.. I am a dog lover.. I am a spongebob lover/fan I love doing or create my own fashion style I love making people happy or smiling at me😁😁 I love to travel anywhere I love going to amusement parks

A proposito di me

Honestly my dream is to be fashion stylist someday when I was a kid but unfortunately I dont have any skill in drawing😞but its ok..and aside of that to be artist someday and can be seen on television in commercial or sitcom or in movie even just an extra haha😁


I just want to encourage everyone that you can be an fashion icon even you are not tall or so slim..just be confident to yourself& believe that you are awesome human in any aspects😊because fashion is just a "word"all of us can create our own style that we can be proud of😊

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