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I’m passionate, determined and usually stubborn but I accomplish things. I love sports and constantly challenging myself, I’m very perfectionist and therefore I don’t settle with few, just like the saying, “go big or go home”, which is something that usually can get me in trouble. Having fun is one of my priorities, despite trying to take life seriously I always find myself doing something usually reckless just to have fun and prove I can do something other people don’t dare to do. I’m also half Italian so passion simply runs trough my veins.

A proposito di me

I dream of being recognized everywhere, just letting people know who I am and what I’ve done, I genuinely love giving back and helping people, I thing there is potential in everyone and sometimes we just fail to see that so I love helping others realize what their potential is and pushing them to make their dreams real, just own their lives and love them at the fullest.


I want to inspire people. I’ll make that difference by helping others to grab life by the balls, stop being afraid and just be themselves in a way that can exploit their talents and abilities, overcoming their fears and realizing everything is possible if they really want it and have the courage to fight for their dreams.

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