Eyelash technician, makeup artist & plus size model.
16 Anni
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Hello, my name is Michelle! I am a young plus size woman that loves every part of me, I am very outgoing and love to inspire others!! Being so young I am proud so say I am also a lash technician and I hope to upgrade through my life! Along with that I also love makeup and fashion!!! I love makeup because you can transform yourself into anything you wish! Fashion also does the same thing! I’ve done a bit of modeling and loved it and the only reason why I have not done a lot of modeling is because there is a big stereotype on how you HAVE to look and my dream is to break that stareotype and show everyone that the front of a magazine is just the definition of photo shop! Having the opportunity to be on the show can enlarge my platform on social media so I can spread my dreams in passions for the world farther than I can imagine! No matter how you look I love you and I want to spread that even further and with just one click of a button your helping me and a lot of other achieve something big !

A proposito di me

To change the stereotype on how you “should” look! Also to make men and women feel beautifully equal wether is be gender, shape, color, size, ethnicity etc!!!!!!


I can make a difference as the next fashion hero because I am a young plus size women that wants to change the world and encourage other to love them self and others no matter what!

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