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My name is Philile Gamede, mother of two beautiful boys age 19 & 8. I come from a beautiful province called Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa!!! South Africa our Rainbow nation is a title given to our country that captures our country’s cultural and ethnic diversity….. With a whopping 11 official languages!!!!! I am a natural born extrovert, with a super awesome charisma. I am a bubbly person who has a profound sense of humour. I love being around people and getting to learn new things every day. Being an extrovert I am able to draw attention of others because of my individuality. I feel good about myself at all times and I have developed a self-esteem which always bring out the confidence in me. I always remember the names of people I meet and have always been good at associating a name to a face during the conversation. I particularly show genuine interest in those around me and I generally look people in the eye when communicating. I put an effort in trying to make people feel special and I take time to understand an issue first before I speak about it and have the ability to lead a conversation that is mature & constructive. I am genuinely always a happy person with cheerful smile at all times. I am able to broaden my knowledge on a variety of topics in that way am able to carry on an interesting conversation with a variety of people. I may not be a perfect somebody but I am always adamant that my presence at any given time is always felt by those around me. I have a presentable image of myself and my interpersonal communication skills stand out. My analytic skills will also creep in and in that way I will be able to think clearly and make good decisions that will be an advantage to me. In my next career move i am hoping to achieve security & stability and grow in the world of casting. I enjoy watching movies & series, I also enjoy cooking shows and sports. In my younger days I used to be an athlete whereby I was a sprinter. In my teen and early 20's I entered a lot of modelling competitions including Miss Durban in 1999. Moving into the Corporate World I got to understand a work environment and was able to acquire many skills in order to survive in the outside world, those skills are namely, Professionalism, Excellent Communication skills, Adapting to any work environment, Working under pressure, Meeting intense deadlines, Computer literacy, Management skills and Time Management skills. At age 26 and 27 I auditioned for LIVE show and Top Billing in the Durban Auditions.


Everyone wants to be successful and rich. I also had a dream of one becoming a successful actor/entertainer. Being indecisive and making uninformed decisions led me not to be in the career path I have always dreamt of and wanted to be in. From an early age I knew I was an actor and would one day pursue my acting career. One thing about dreams is that it requires you to have lots of support from family and friends in order for you not to shift your focus into something you do not have the slightest passion in. One of the main hindrances in not achieving my goals was the lack of motivation. I have since worked a normal 8-4 job, a job that I have no passion for, but now as time goes by I realize that I am not happy solely because I am stuck in a place I don't love. I now want to remind myself of my Ultimate goal and am now challenging myself to reset my button and achieve my goal of becoming an actor/presenter in either Radio or Television. Rather than getting disheartened and giving up on my dream I want to realize my true potential and become that dream. It is rightly said that "Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears." Dreams are essential and it is only when you dream big with all your heart that you are able to achieve big. My passion is and has always been to be out there in the World doing something big....


“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate and make a difference no matter how small that difference is. ”I want to do more than just to belong in FASHION HERO I want to be part of a movement that not only looks at FASHION, but also looks at the PEOPLE behind the FASHION and the most amazingly beautiful and touching stories we have to tell about our lives, telling it through FASHION….. I want to be able to represent my beautiful, colourful rainbow South Africa, bringing along my Zulu cultural feel to the world of fashion …!!!

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