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I’m a 20 year old Aussie girl currently studying Banking and Finance while working a multitude of jobs; medical receptionist, energy rater, bookkeeper, model, and club promoter. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting the chance to dress up and get to strut my stuff around Melbourne with great company. I’ve been a dancer since I was 5 and have delved into just about every genre you can think of. On top of that I’ve always kept active whether it was through sports such as swimming, karate or gymnastics, or by challenging my brain mentally with numerous puzzles or tasks. I volunteer with children for an arts program in my local suburb every 6 months but am currently looking to extend the time I put in to volunteering!

A proposito di me

For the longest period of time, I thought I wanted to be a dancer, however, due to certain circumstances I’ve fell into other pathways. For a career, I’d like to be a financial advisor. Although, in terms of a dream job, I’d love to get the chance to represent fashion and designers in runways as that’s where I’ve been able to build up confidence I lacked for years and where I have the most joyful time.


I believe there’s needs to be an empowerment movement within the fashion industry. I’ve worked with numerous people, both professional and amateur, and to be able to support those who are scared about putting themselves out there due to past bullying or societal standards can make the world of difference to those individuals as well as one self. Not only that but it allows for inclusion across all bases in a world that is needing to continue to push for evolving changes amongst how people identify/look.

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