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I’m super outgoing, almost to the point of it being annoying, but I’d like to think it’s still a good quality. I’ve always struggled with comparing myself to the plastic surgery and photoshop of social media, so I told myself that I wouldn’t be part of a movement that is bringing the self esteem of men and women to the lowest it’s ever been. I’m trying to reverse that movement and show that you don’t need plastic surgery or photoshop to be beautiful.

A proposito di me

My dream is to be able to support myself and my loved ones by doing what I love, not a 9-5. I consider myself very social and love interacting with people of all ages, so if that’s something I can make a career based on, I’m all for it.


I would be able to use my platform to show my peers, and others who see me, whether it be on social media or in real life, that everybody is beautifully and wonderfully made and no one should be ashamed of who they are.

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