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I love to play drums, paint, travel to cold places with great sceneries including nature, listen to music, volunteer in orphanages, donate clothes, interested in different hair colors as some type of art and read books. I started late to pursue my dreams to become a model as I was obedient to my parents' wish to finish college. Also helped my younger sister finish her college. I have helped in a program called CCF uplift which helps all individuals with financial limitations to finish education. I believe that financial limitations shouldn't stop anyone from having the right to education. We didn't grow up in a rich family which is why I have compassion and understands individuals who would want to finish education. When Fashion Hero came out, I know that this is the right time for myself to be a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador who only doesn't think about spotlight but an ambassador who has a purpose and is selfless.

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Wanted to make it big in the fashion industry. I've always dreamed of having my own company such as own clothing store. Even when I was a little child I have always volunteered to provide clothing to people who aren't able to buy clothes. I've witnessed individuals who felt cold because of lack of sweaters and wanted to do something about it. Gathered clothes that didn't fit me anymore due to growth and donated it. Although I only have limited resources myself which is why I've dreamed of owning a clothing company. Some of the profits will be donated to charities and places like orphanages or give free clothes to those who aren't able to buy clothes. My Father died of diabetes since I was 25 years old and realized that growing up without a Father isn't easy. Decided to comfort orphans by going to orphanages and volunteer to care. My Mom and I also realized that we can become healthier by sharing precious moments at the gym. It serves as an avenue for us to bond as mother and daughter and we always have a great relationship. My Mom also takes pictures of myself to show that even if she had retinal detachment and could only see with one eye, she can still take beautiful pictures. My Father admitted in the past that if only he ate healthier foods and exercised, his diabetes shouldn't have gone worse. He could've lived a longer life if he ate healthier foods and exercised. I am passionate about encouraging individuals who have diabetes. Currently there is no cure for diabetes. People with diabetes can live longer lives and be with the people that they love by eating healthier foods and with some exercise.


Wanted to encourage individuals to have transformed lives. Anything is possible as long as you believe and have a positive outlook in life. Years ago my right eye couldn't see anymore due to macular degeneration. Didn't stop believing that I will be healed and still continued with life. My eye injection in the past was successful and could now see with both eyes. Beauty is skin deep and that your character should also have great values that you believe and live out too. Once you're beautiful on the inside then you're also beautiful on the outside. People told me in the past that I need to have perfect v shape face to look beautiful in either television or photographs. People also told me thar you need to be a size zero to become a model and my hips might be too big to become one. Some said you need to keep up with trend whether you should be fair or tanned. Others said I could have a nose job or buy products for glass skin. My Mom encouraged me to stay true to myself and I am beautiful just the way I am. Would love to share the same encouragement that I receive from my mother. My picture in gym clothes shows no make up to portray this message. In the event that I become successful in becoming the next Fashion Hero, would love give back to the community and participate in charities and volunteer activities to help people who are less fortunate or inspire individuals who have given up hope. Would want to influence the world that love still exists and that there are still individuals who cares and shares for each other.

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