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I am an ambitious hard worker who is constantly fascinated by the world around me! I love to talk with people because I always leave the conversation enlightened. I used to be extreamly shy but thanks to high school that changed :D! Because of high school I grew as a person and realized who I wanted to be. I am a creative person who enjoys helping others and is always open to constructive criticism. I'm not good at everything but I always try my best so I don't have any regrets. I love to meet new people and make great friends!

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My dreams is to leave an everlasting change in others. I want to help people and inspire them to be the best that they can be. Everyone has potential to do amazing in life, ya just need to be motivated! :D


I want to be able to use my voice to help motivate and encourage others to love and embrace their natural selves.Self love and acceptance is a journey, some longer than others, but if I can help people take that first step that's all I really need. I just want to be able to help who ever and where ever I can.

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