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Hi!! I’m 22 years old and I live in Texas. I have 2 dogs, a boy and a girl and I have 4 cats and two strays that like to come around lol. I’m very sweet and energetic and I love to be outside.

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At the moment I’m attending college and I plan I’m getting a bachelors degree in Zoology. Then I plan on working for PETA until I have enough money to build apartment complexes. Then with the money and experience that I have gained I will open my own sanctuary/ shelter. Then at the same time I want to run for Congress in order to change certain policies and laws. I want to do all this because I want to help animals all around the world live a better life.


I will make a difference as the next fashion hero because I will use my passions to uniquely reinvent or reintroduce myself and help other do the same.

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