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Mom of 5.. UCP (unregulated care provider-nurse) wife and love life. Struggling with fibromyalgia for almost 10years. Had been so sick and on all kinda of medication to help with pain anxiety and depression, I was in bed and couldn't walk for a year and a half. Thank goodness for my husband and children, I don't know where I would be without them. I also struggled for over a year with opioid dependency from all my pain meds.. I found out I was pregnant and weaned off my opioid as I was afraid for my unborn baby, who we were told , we couldn't have anymore as I only have half my baby making parts left from a tubal pregnancy. The baby and I were perfect and made it through the weaning process. Mind u I don't know how many times I thought I wouldn't make it. But here we are😊 I overcame so much and also lost so much. My health is still a struggle as I will not put another pill in my mouth ever again. I deal with it naturally now. I have gained some weight being unable to workout and having 5 kids. I'm currently not working and had caused so much anxiety and depression as my health and financial situation has been an issue. But I'm getting by one day at a time and, always willing to help anyone who needs an ear to listen or give advice with some of my experience to maybe help someone else. Even if it's one person. U can accomplish anything u set ur mind to, if u want it bad enough. I have been through so much but that's like everyone else, we all have struggles. Just hope that this is my chance to feel better about me for a change. Gain some confidence and help others who may need it 😉 Live each day like it's ur last.. love hard 💜

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Smallest steps - Could make the biggest difference 😘


Being different is what makes us all unique, were all special in so many ways and our past is what makes us who we are today.. I want to show the world that everyone is beautiful, anyone can make a difference. U just have to believe in urself. I want to show that, Hard working moms with disabilities and a not so "perfect appearance" can be beautiful too. Everyone is perfect to someone 💜

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