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I am a first year student,majoring in psychology. I love meeting and engaging with new people from different backgrounds and cultures. I love helping people feel better and boost their confidence if it's within my reach. I have never worn make up,i love being natural. And English is not my first language

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From a young age,i have always wanted to be a model. I applied in few agencies but i got a negative feedback that made me feel like i wasn't good enough because i wasn't skinny and my skin wasn't perfect since i have acne. That really did put me down but i boosted my self esteem and told myelf that any agency willing to take me will have to take me for who i am ,i will not change a thing about me just to fit in. I truly want to make it so i could help many people out there who have shared the same experience I've had.


I know i wouldn't be able to change the way the society thinks about other people but i want to be an inspiration to aspiring models,people who have been let down by agencies because they think they are not good enough. We are all beautiful,it's time we learn to love and appreciate ourselves because it all starts within you.

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