Origine: India
Deepti Chandak is an award winning International Blogger and Entrepreneur. Charismatic, creative & contemporary, Deepti has explored, and then expressed, the value that one can derive from Travel, Food, Fashion & Entertainment.

Her simple yet articulate style, has helped her followers to view exotic sights through her eyes. From the streets of Europe to the shores of Mauritius; from the skyscrapers of Dubai to the sounds of Singapore, Deepti has brought life to many of the hidden treasures that this world has to offer.

Her creative style and dynamic outlook, has earned her respect from celebrities & companies alike.

Over the last 7 years, Deepti's blog, jivewithdeepti, has grown to over 120+ followers. Today, she is regarded as a Key Social Influencer in Asia & the Middle East.

Deepti is a recognized Travel & Trends connoisseur. She continues to Live her Passion, Explore foreign lands & Bring Energy to the lives of thousands across the globe.
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