Alexis A.
20 years old
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About me

For me, beauty is life. Beauty is nature. Beauty is life given to an idea, concept or a being. Beauty is art. Beauty is all things appealing both to the senses and even in an unconscious realm.Beauty is what we see that no one else sees which makes it unique. I have this belief that there is a treasure yet to be discovered in me.

My dreams and passions

I am Alexis from Africa. I am from the Yoruba descent. I am a law student. I am 5ft6in tall,dark in complexion with an oblong face. I love life, art, travelling,reading,writing,acting .Above all,i am a believer Of Jesus Christ.I am a being with a wondrous imagination who loves to create contents. I love perfumes and scents. I love trying out clothes. My pen name is Alexis Li and I have this belief that there are treasures yet to be discovered in me. I am very well on a journey to self discovery

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Reading, travelling, travel writing, talking, acting, wearing lovely clothes,writing,putting things in order.

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