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Who am I?

Well wouldn't I like to know............ HAHAHAHA no just kidding lol Hi y’all its Ammon Pulu here, a 19 year old boomer, Polynesian boy born and bred in the beautiful land of New Zealand. You may remember me from no tv shows at all so you should defs give me a chance to be on this one lol. I’m a young talented individual full of life and laughter (add in the generic live, laugh, love frame if you will). I come from a family of 5 currently living in a mouse infested garage with my 2nd eldest brother (AKA the mouse). I am apart of my local suburbs youth council that dedicate our time to being the bridge between our local youth and local government body, as well as getting to know and connecting our local youth. Growing up my confidence had slowly decreased and I slowly blocked myself out to the outside world and loved to be and only connect with my bubble of immediate friends and family. Taking risks and snagging opportunities was something of the past as I eventually became an introvert. Missing that feeling and the thrill of putting myself out their has brought me to present myself to y’all today and once again push myself to do crazy things a small Polynesian, town boy like me would only imagine. Ladies, gentlemen and those of you who are yet to make up your mind, don't you dare close your eyes cause I'll introduce you to a whole new world!

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

For me personally I think its great that there's a show that challenges the stigma of a topic I'm passionate about, all whilst including a vast variety of people with different ethnicity's, backgrounds and personalities.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Being a great role model isn’t a question the person being asked could answer, as the people are the deciders of whether a role model is great or not and a self-proclaimed role model isn’t a great role model at all. I can just hope my efforts go toward being perceived as one. This generation is undeniably about self-expression and being unapologetically authentic with their unique personalities through many ways, one of them being fashion, and that’s something that’s written all over me. Through this, I wish to give light to those not privileged enough to express themselves, whether by law, fear of outside opinions or even self-doubt. Also giving light to the many cultures of the world and their unique fashion senses (so many people saying “stay woke.” Well why not stay woke with the diverse fashion senses right?). Also, to give light to different perspectives and opinions through my diverse and unique personality. If this show is about being inclusive of those outside of the exclusive then I want to also include those that don’t have the resources or mindset to be included in my journey, to show them that it’s ok to be you! All this, whilst challenging the normal fashion stigmas as well.

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