part time actress full time mom
30 years old
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About me

I believe Beauty is something that should be felt and not necessarily seen. When I feel beautiful that's all that matters. What other people think isn't what makes me beautiful. It's what I believe.

My dreams and passions

My parents used to say I was born to be in the spotlight and grew up believing it and wanting it. At 16 I got pregnant and my whole idea of life changed. My son became my reason for everything. I worked many jobs serving, administrative and even medical to make ends meet but always felt like I should be doing more. Now I am all grown up picking up background gigs on shows hoping for the day that I can make it and show everyone that you can be 5'2 with tattoos and not just be some tough biker girl. I don'e even know how to ride a motorcycle!!

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I enjoy cosplaying, reading, playing video games, trying new foods, going on adventures, museums, my friends and family, anything Harry Potter and doctor who, thrifting and lots more

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