24 years old
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Avery Jay Smith. 24 years young. 5 foot 8 inches tall. Cusp Pisces. Adventurous. Bubbly personality. Favorite colors are blue, green and orange. Kentucky raised. Country at heart city by soul. Gay. Drag Queen, by the name of Rachel Sparks. Making people smile with my sense of humour and quick witted thinking. Love the nature and love scene seeing. I love cats, baby cows and chickens. Walking in heels since I can remember. I love all art forms from cooking-makeup-modeling-dancing-etc... I’m not the typical guy let alone gay guy, I don’t have abs and huge muscles, I’m not super skinny nor do I have perfect skin nor perfect features. I’m imperfectly beautiful and unique.

My dreams and passions

My dream is to be a positive impact and role model to those who are to scared to be a voice or don’t have the courage to speak up. Rather that be in a picture, a video, a poster, or a card. I want to be relatable and show that it’s not about your family or how much money a person has, that’s it’s not about having a perfect body with abs and muscles that beauty can from within and be equal too or outshine those with beauty on the outside. Anything and anybody can do it they dream it!! My passions include doing makeup, hair styling, reading to little kids, taking the perfect pictures to show off my best features, singing out loud (even if I sound like a cow,) carin and raising chickens, learning about other cultures and lifestyles.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Making a difference, anybody can do. But, to make a difference and make an impact and be rememberable is the challenge and goal set I have in my mind. I wanna make a difference by being myself fully and living who I am out loud by being proud and happy. My goal is to show you can be a model, fashion icon, even if only to one person. To change a child’s life and spread love and hope. I wanna show that diversity not only in and to the lgbtqa+ community but also the male stereotypes. I am #SparkingHope

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