17 years old
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I am a girl who does not like to be told what to do and i was told that I would never be a model. I realized recently that we have to fight for what we want and that if we really want it, it is possible to achieve e. I would like to win so that i could make my dream come true, which is encouraging people to love and trust themselves My instagram: bian.agostino

My dreams and passions

I love doing gymnastics, dancing, traveling around the world and speaking other languages. I also would like to become an actress. I want to be a role model, specially for people of my age, so that all people feel good about themselves and encourage them to do what they love and don’t be afraid to be themselves

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I dream of changing the world, breaking the stereotypes of beauty and showing each person that they are beautiful and unique and not letting anyone tell them otherwise. I want to help them raise their self-esteem and push them to do what they love even if they think it is impossible. I want to show everyone that when you propose something, you can achieveit, that you just have to fight for it. I want to encourage people to try, because trying is not losing time, doing nothing is losing time.I hope you vote for me so that i could make this real!!! My instagram: bian.agostino

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