Brenda G.
27 years old
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The beauty for me is something unique in each person, depends on the eyes with which you look, there is beauty even in such a insignificant detail, although many identify beauty with a pretty face, clear eyes, fine and delicate features, a perfect body , slim, with curves that define a woman as attractive, for me, lies in something simpler, not in the exterior or physical appearance, if not, in the interior, I am guided by the feelings and actions of people, something that proves that there is more than a pretty face in everybody.

My dreams and passions

I am a very simple girl, I studied Gastronomy, I'm following my dreams and trying to learn about myself every day. I have two brothers and six dogs, I love to make happy to people, laugh and see the positive to everything.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I love the beach, classical music and the 80's, I like to cook, exercise, ballet, spend time with people that are important to me, makeup and the fashion realities, help animals that do not have a home and the environment.

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