Dancer, Writer
20 years old
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About me

I am a passionate dancer and A a traveler I wish to visit cancun by chance, I had already visited swiss, bavaria and england all by myself and I have been in love with their nature, people and awesome places.. My biggest wish is to see the word and the opportunities.. How far can I go to send out blessings and positive intentions.. I absolutely love to read books about psychology, culure and astrology/zodiac.. I love listening to people.. I don’t judge, I analyze and I am very fascinated by the thought of every individual..

My dreams and passions

Seing nature and the sun makes me happy.. also by beautiful people and thoughts I see this as an opportunity for me to reach people, to explore and create new ideas, helping people and getting to know the Mexian Culture.. I am obsessed with Día de los Muertos, it is a day for the dead people the mexicans honor and celebrate because there souls are coming back and they are visiting their loved ones again.. This is just Beautiful.. dead has in fact a other meaning than it has now.. as a child I saw my first suggar scull (calaveras de dulce) Calaveras de Dulce, sugary sculls decorated with colorful flowers 🌺 By learning and exploring I will be able to reach out.. in my world there are more loving and open minded.. I don’t like seeing rudeness and disrespect, harm and negativity.. I fight egainst it with my words..

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Maybe I’ll write a book about my whole experience in cancun I will share it to everyone.. encouragen you to love yourself and explore the world as long as you can.. living the life for the fullest, this is what I want to give if I review Plus I am a obsessed with Jane the Virgin My sister loved watching Soy Luna and Violetta 🌺Teleeenovellaaa

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