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About me

I'm just a simple girl with many dreams. Dreams that are not only for myself but also for my family and love ones. Although, I'm just seventeen, still, I do believe that sooner or later I will achieve those dreams in the right time and in the right place. Yes, frankly, there are these times that I doubt my self, I overthink that I might be a failure and a loser in the end. But, my faith is stronger than the things that discourage me, things that makes me feel that these dreams are impossible to happen. I still believe that in God's grace, good things will happen and everything will follow. I will just get tired but I will never ever give up nor quit.

My dreams and passions

Since, when I was still a kid, singing in front of the electric fan and acting and making faces in front of the mirror is really what I like. Imitating my favorite actors in the tv and of course taking video of myself (just like a vlogger) is really my hobbies (yap, can consider it). And when I was 10 years old, I started joining in different auditions. Luckily, I was able to be one of the final contestants in a singing contest but unfortunately, I wasn't able to win it. I tried again many auditions just like acting but it was very unfortunate for me. Time passed and I found out that acting and performing on stage is really my passion. Exposing myself to people just to show my talent. At the age of 12 (I was grade 7 that time), I joined a program in my school in which it is an art club and students that has incredible talents were called to join. The name of the club is "Special Program in the Arts". There, I took the Theater Arts Specialization and for 4 years I was able to study Theater and was able also to perform in many stages and had a recital every year. I joined in many contests. I was able to watch many theater play and had an enough background about theater. There, I was being awarded as a best in theater. Now, that I graduated in that school, can't really still deny the fact that I really miss performing on the stage. Acting is really my passion.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

To tell it frankly, I really don't know what 'Fashion Hero' is all about, but here's what I can assure you, if I am going to be a next fashion hero I will certainly make a change to those people who dreamt but gave up and also for those who will give up. I will show this by inspiring them, by proving that giving up was never an answer and will never be a solution and also, to persuade them that they should believe in their selves, because only their selves aside from their family who will help them till the end of the battle. I want to show the world that we should pursue our dreams and regretting is more painful than failing. You should show them what you've got.

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