34 years old
Who am I?

I am a make up artist who just started coming out with doing a bunch of different make up. I am also a woman who likes to uplift people in so many different ways. I am the type of person that I believe women should be more uplifting to other women and giving positivity instead of bringing people down, and I am a stay home mom açai, beautiful children, and I would love to have this opportunity.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I absolutely think it is an amazing opportunity to have a chance to become something that you always dreamed of doing so for them to be able to come out with this type of opportunity is everything to me and I’m sure it is to others as well and I hope that everybody that is entered into this contest had fun doing it and look at it as no matter if you make it to the top 10 at least you were still out there. He still had that opportunity so you’re still a winner in my eyes.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I am the type of person to lift up everybody and I just want to see people come from where I was in life from a bottom, low grade disability, type of person and push their selves. Swear I did, and where I am today and I want to be able to prove to others that you could do whatever you put your mind you and don’t ever stop climbing to your goals in life your dreams. I am a stay at home mom of five beautiful children and I always said I wanted to do something for myself for a change in this is what I’m doing. I feel like I would be perfect to show others that you could do anything you put your mind to and don’t let any other person make you think that you can’t.

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