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About me

Hello, everyone! My name is Daria. I'm Russian. I live in the USA. I'm a current housewife. I moved to the US to be married with my beloved husband. I'm a creative person. I like to make different kinds of craft, toys, clay dolls. While I was studying at school and university I danced on the stage a lot. I loved it. But I've never been confident, because all my life people told me about my disadvantages. I was trying to prove my individuality, but people wouldn't listen to me. I'm desperated. I still can't find myself. I'm too shy. My height is 5'4".

My dreams and passions

I would like to be a public person. Actor, model, host, disigner, who easily communicate with other people. I want to talk about my experience, to teach what I know without fear that it is not interesting to people. I want to be myself. And I dream one day I can speak English perfectly:))

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

No matter how old you are, in what country you grew up, what your height and accent, believe in yourself and show the world that you are a fashion hero.

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