South Africa
28 years old
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About me

Hi Gorgeous, person reading my bio, My Name is Dom, Im completely positive, Pure and full of life, fun and very bubbly. I love to light up, people’s day by being me, being kind and making people believe in themselves. I go higher by lifting others. We can all go higher by lifting one another. :)

My dreams and passions

I’ve so many dreams, so many passions. Flowers, believe in flowers, sunshine and YOURSELF.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I’ll make a difference, by making people believe in themselves making the world see that, you have one life and you can do anything , if you believe in yourself, I want to teach everyone that there aren’t any rules in fashion, because fashion is an expression of who you are as a person, it shows your soul, your inner creativity, I sometimes wear guys clothing, perfume and shoes, why? Because I can. If you like it wear it, if it makes you feel, Go for it, we don’t need a reason to dress up everyday, do it for yourself, I dress up because it’s a part of who I am, dressing up and wearing beautiful clothing is what makes MY life more interesting, and it can make YOUR life more interesting, it gives my life more meaning. I want to convey that message to the world, I want everyone to realize that clothing is a vital part of life, how we dress, projects into the universe, the world and it draws everything you want to you. Clothing is art, clothing is vital, clothing is a part of your creativity. Your essence. “Fashion can be bought, but STYLE is personal” - Dom Sobiech.

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