Edson Manuel
18 years old
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About me

Thank you for reading this, I am a model apanced by the arts and the spiritual, I have always felt that I should and I can change the evils that exist in the societies of the world, my career began at the age of 13 with Parkour, then at 15 I started to dance hiphop, contemporary and electronic dances, to my 16 came modeling and acting which I love. I continue to develop in these arts and I hope to go very far in my goals to be able to help the greatest number of people.

My dreams and passions

I am looking to be famous and successful at the people's script, so that they listen to me and take action without hesitation and thus transmit all the knowledge that I have acquired, to give space to those who also want it. I want to have a clothing brand that projects in style and commercials the fight against the enslavement and deception that we humans have and thus make that feel to everyone who wears the garments and follows the brand, apart from using the profits to change the cause.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Easy, I acted, I dance, I do Parkour and apart I am currently a professional model

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