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Beauty can be seen in different ways. Beauty is simply d quality of a person or thing that gives deep satisfaction to d mind and intense pleasure. It is not just d combination of color, shape, form, looks or physical features. It is defined by the heart inside your chest and the love that flows through it. Beauty is pleasing, simple, happiness and desirable.

My dreams and passions

My name is Faith Eneji. I was born on the 25th of June in 1998, which means I'm 19 years old now. I have got 3 siblings; in which I'm the last. I'm unique, courteous, kind, loyal, passionate and trustworthy person. I'm a very straight forward person who doesn't like beating around the bush. I am a person who's positive about every aspect in life. There are a lot of things I would like to see, to do, and to experience. I like to read, write, talk and also listen. I have always wanted to be a great artist, to be noticed for my work and be a source of inspiration to others...i know I haven't gotten there yet and don't know when that time would be. But my dreams are still alive, for what lies ahead is big...

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I love music, watching movies and also playing games. I play all sort of games . I love sports, sports like football, table tennis. Have an huge interest on wrestling. And lasting I have an everlasting intense passion for artistic works.. Some interest I got are, reading books, watching movies, cooking and praying. Listening to music, drawing and painting. I love to read books, because books can always be true friends. They never demand neither do they complain. This is the way I look upon books. Move on to movies; Titanic, Star. Basically the list can go on and on.

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