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Born of the dry season (that's the meaning of my second name),I'm a very alternative person, musical and handy. I love philosophy and cultural exchange, I find it enlightening. I convert almost all my things to stuff they initially weren't for fun and just to see the variety of things they could become, all disguised in one supposedly specific function.😁😁. I really want to be part of a community that makes me feel less insane about being alternative and being in a developing country, it's really hard to find that. I recently had an existential crisis while in high school 2017 during my final year and I failed terribly!!😩😩 But it got me thinking about the things that matter really in this short period living in this ball of an earth, y'know. I thought I want to reach wider people to spread, the idea of self-serenity, I totally want peace, it's all I've craved, ever. This platform here, is the best I've seen before. It helps people feel comfortable with who they are and in return aquire inner peace and confidence.

My dreams and passions

I really just want to buy a piece of land, I'm saving up for it. I'll then call anyone that is interested in self-sufficiency to come and live with me, we make it like a community living off grid and sustainably. We can then heal the earth, by reducing our carbon footprint, in preparation for an apocalypse! That's my dream. My passion, would be to be a peaceful singer, with genuine fans enjoying my alternative vibes. I love just the idea of even five people sitting outside my verandah enjoying my music. I also really want to preach self-serenity like I said earlier.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

The best I could do after being exposed to this, would be to inevitably (as they'll see me) enlighten on the importance of comfortability in oneself for the well being of the whole country's peace & confidence. When the confidence of one person overflows to the next, then the entire nation is healed. Economically 💯, socially 💯 and politically 💯. Fashion has a great capacity for this message because it's about perception, inwardly and outwardly.

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