Gina Morena
20 years old
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About me

Hey guys! I'm Gina 20 years old. Love my cat and my family. I enjoy dancing, baking and cooking, reading, yoga and lots more! I'm actually just an average girl.

My dreams and passions

My biggest passion is dancing. Dancing is like losing and finding yourself at the same time. I can only be truly me when i dance. I also love animals and my dream is to have a little animal sanctuary sometime with lots of rescued or abandoned animals.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

First of all I wanna show everyone that also people who have scars of self harming who had suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD can be a public figure, you dont have to be tall, skinny etc... everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone has their story to tell. I wanna make a difference in the perspective of todays social media. We can be strong we dont have to let fear, anger, anxiety, depression, ptsd get to us and control us. People need a voice to tell their story and to show others who suffered from the same things that it gets better and we should not let the stigma of todays social media get to us. It only counts what you think about yourself. As the next fashion hero i want to make this my mission especially i wanna be there for all the young girls and also boys who had to experience a sexual trauma. As a survivor myself this is important to me.

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