South Africa
21 years old
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I don't tend to judge others yet rather to motivate them to achieve their hearts desire. I'm not perfect but frankly non of us are.. And our flaws are what makes us beautiful. No price , gender nor shape or size is what defines you.. True beauty is when you know your worth but by then you'll be worth even more. True beauty is by knowing your beautiful even if the world thinks your not.

My dreams and passions

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.Some girls are made of adventure, Fine beer,Brains and no fear. Might look like a model ,but definitely have the personality of Fat Amy 😉always making the most funny comments at the most random times.Always down to have a laugh and make memories .. Yet my body structure and curves dont define me. I am who i am .. And each stretch mark is another untold battle scar😊

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