26 years old
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About me

I’m just a girl with a dream and passion. Proud Memphian! Borned and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. 6’2 Women’s Basketball Player. Tall, athlete young woman ready to take off her sneakers and put on my heels and make a difference in people lives.

My dreams and passions

I’m a girl that can do both. Heels or kicks! Besides dribble a basketball hair, skin and fashion has always been passion of mine. I love everything about hair and skin. Even though for years I’ve struggled with my hyper-pigment/ tinea versicolor skin. My dreams are and has always been to make difference and change in people lives by being proud of the skin you’re in. Modeling has always been my life time dream. With my experience, I want women who play sports or have troubled skin to feel they can be beautiful and play sports.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Life is all about change, adjusting and making a difference. All my life my insecurities came from athletic body and troubled skin. Being 26 I am now confident to show women you can be athletic, tall, and beautiful. I want to be the “silent voice” (loud voice) for women that are wanting to make the next step in their lives because I am now finally doing and they can too. Life is beautiful and so are you. <3

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