Training Manager for major retailer
41 years old
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About me

The ability to cultivate a sense of joy, love, or peace through acts of kindness, a look that intrigues, or just a smile. Beauty comes from the inside out.

My dreams and passions

I am a 39 year old business women, model, and wife and mother of 3. I always dreamed of being a model and entertainer, but grew up thinking it would not be an option for me. Last year, I started chasing my dream deferred and went to my 1st casting call for a Runway show and was selected out of roughly 35 experienced /semi experienced models to open the show. I took that as a sign to keep pursuing my dreams. Since then I have been cast in over 15 shows, 2 print ads, 1 campaign, and got booked and performed jazz songs at two events. A lot of my time has been and still is spent taking care of my family especially my 11 year old son who has autism. The problem was I was doing nothing to nurture myself and therefore did not feel whole. Once I started modeling and performing, pursuing my passion with purpose, faith, and grace. I now feel whole.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Modelling, singing (mostly Jazz and neo soul), cooking, dancing, working out, family time, relaxing (when I can).

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