19 years old
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Born in Cali raised in Texas ! Geeks over super hero’s and video games. Reading and drawing are one of my hobbies, I wish I could do more often. Always trying to improve myself, even if it’s just a little. I work hard for what i want. Very independent, just like my lovely mom.

My dreams and passions

I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was lil girl. I would watch all these shows about modeling and fashion. I was abot 12yrs old, doing a project about my future dream job. All I could think about is being a model. Till this day I’m still trying to become one. I want to show girls that’s they’re perfect the way they are. I would be called skinny and ugly in middle school. I want everybody to know, that they’re amazing the look. Just because somebody made a rude comment on you, it shouldn’t bring you down. I want to make so many differences in this world that is changing dramatically. All the rage and hate, has gotten us nowhere. I want to help everyone I can. Either if it’s low self esteem,because they were bullied. Even if they just need help at home. I want to do an organization. Where kids and teens, can get together and talk about the problems they may have. I’ll try my very best to help, many these days are stressed about school or even just being bullied is one of the big issues we have this day. I want to make a differece on the way these kids think about themselves . Love each other and for who they are.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I want to show that you don’t have to be really tall and skinny to be in the runway. This is 2019 and the rules are changing, so why should the runway change too? We see models that are thin and starve just to get into the runway business. We shouldn’t put our health in risk. There’s so many models in different shapes and sizes, and they’re still rocking that runway. I believe that we should love the way we look and appreciate every curve we have. This is the year that we show people we don’t care about what they say. We love the way we look, and you can’t stop us. We’re ready to take a stand and put a fist in the hair! Showing that we will no longer take the rude comments and negativity from them. I want to make a difference !

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