17 years old
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About me

Hi I am Joyce Alcos, and I am 17 years old. I was born in the Philippines by the most loveliest of Filipino parents but was raised in Australia since the age of 4. I am currently in grade 12 at St. Mary’s Senior High School, whilst working part time in fast food and retail. Due to working while studying, it has taught me to be responsible and of my own time and finances at an early age.

My dreams and passions

My dream is to continue working in the medical field as my mother, as she has been working in the ICU all my life which I have come to admire. My passion includes anything that brings me joy such as simply taking pictures, dressing up, or thifting with friends and family. I do enjoy sports such as soccer and netball. Above all, my passion includes anything that brings positivity to the mind.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

To be next fashion Hero is to bring a difference which is a positive influence to everyone regarding woman empowerment and teaching of responsibility and managing time. Despite being at an early age I believe I am that person. Not only do I want to bring awareness to this I also would like to be able to show the world my style and my own perception of beauty using the platform of being the next fashion hero.

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