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Who am I?

Hi! Everybody knows me as Jackson. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. My mum tells me that even as a boy I was already different than others, I was unique. I never knew what she meant by that, I was just being myself. Now I understand what she meant. Already as a boy I was part of cultural events. Helped organising them and bringing together the different cultures from my neighbourhood. I was a football player and taking theater and dance classes at the same time. As if being gay and black wasn't differentiating enough, right? My interests are being social and helping other people and that's what made me that join the police when I was 18. This didn't stop me from having to let out my artistic side, the entertainer in me. I created Ruby Rouge, my alter-ego as Drag Queen. To be in touch with my entire self. But being a drag queen for me does not mean just beign a show girl. I wanna educate people while beign a drag queen and i wanna show them that it's okay to be Yourself. It's not about being a drag queen but more about beign a role model to show them that you should be Yourself and accept yourself. I especially wanna edducate the younger generation cause they are the future. These two parts of myself, beign a man and a dragqueen, I now want to embody into one. Not every child has the opportunities and examples I did, I want to inspire people and become someones example.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

Fashion Hero isn't showing the standard old fashion it's all about showing that everybody from every size and colour is beautiful. It shows that fashion isn't just some nice clothes, it's art. It's about leaving a message.  This show is such a big succes because it shows so much more than the usual fashion we get to see. It's real, it's fresh, it's inspiring, it's unique. That's the message i support and that i wanna show the word. I am the new face, I am the fashion hero.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I am that great Role model because being a great model is not only being in the spotlight. I want to be in the spotlight to spread the message that everybody is beautiful and everybody should have their own spotlight. And if they can't find that spotlight i want to be their inspiration to find it. And that's why i am the fashion hero.

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