Karen Frances
18 years old
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About me

beauty has always been coming from a good personality and a determined mindset. it was about being passionate from the things you love and enjoy to do. beauty is about being yourself and knowing your self worth.

My dreams and passions

im a science and technology student who has been passionate for being a blog writer of poems and indulged with fun photoshoots and cinematic films whereas i dreamt to be an effective influencer to media recreating awareness from emotion state of a being and showcasing the beauté of nature with travel photographs/montage. it was also my hobby to do different creative stunning looks from beauty cosmetics and matching it up with the fashion style that i want. im inlove with the classics and retro vibes.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

i like reading. i enjoy portraits photographs and making/directing films in a travel themed. writing is a way for me to become an influencer. aesthetics really interest me taking shots from places and portraits.

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