24 years old
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Hey there. I’m simply ordinary girl, was so difficult to realize it, bcs the whole life I was sure I was born to get famous and be a cool rock star girl lol. I’m not super talented person, still didn’t reach anything in this life what I could be proud of. I still don’t get what this show about, but I believe in signs of life, as I’m already IN, so it can be my destiny to make my dreams come true. Why not? 😊

My dreams and passions

I love music and movies. Singing and acting. I’m good in humor, so if u want to laugh a lot, vote for me and I will tell you where I was buying my jokes

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Honestly, I didn’t watch the first season. But, damn, u should talk to me to understand that I’m a brilliant lol

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