South Africa
Architecture Student (Graduated 2018)
27 years old
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About me

I have often been called the real life version of Jessica Rabbit. I am a hard working, pole dancing, recent architecture graduate that spent my earlier years in the modelling industry. I am a bubbly, well spoken and super curvy girl who is always down for a good party. Fitness plays a major role in my lifestyle which led me to do competitive pole dancing. I may not have been involved in the modelling industry for the past few years but I am excited to stir up this desire once again.

My dreams and passions

My dreams and passions revolve around beauty. I find beauty in so many aspects of life whether it be the human body or the buildings which surround us. My dream is to immerse myself in a life filled with beauty.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I have very extreme and unusual features. My emphasized curves and defined facial characteristics have often prevented me from pursuing a modelling career as it did not conform to the previous standards of requirements. However, the industry has begun to expand it's arms into the unusual. I can be the face of this change and show that everyone has the ability to be the face of beauty in all of their uniquely different and amazing traits. I encourage and find beauty in everyone.

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