16 years old
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About me

My full name is Kennady Milaun Hardin. I am 16 year old high schooler. I stand out a lot due to my appearances. I love myself and my body image and am very proud of what I have become in my life.

My dreams and passions

I have several dreams. One being to go to law school and study hard and work my way up the latter to be a judge. My dream that I have had since I was 3 was to be a singer, because I feel it was a gift for me to have a beautiful voice and it it sometimes I am passionate about. My other dream was to make a clothing line for thicker size people, that have trouble with not having there size in store, but also not having it in plus size stores either. Custom clothing that would fit people and make them comfortable in there own body and at a affordable price.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Show people my uneqnes and the different people out there in the world. Encourage people to show there natural beauty and inspire people to feel there best and not hide in a category that's not for them. Nor be labeled as a size.

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