Fashion Model, Independent Consultant & CEO
21 years old
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About me

Hello, My name is Kia Spaulding. I am a 21 year-old American based aspiring fashion designer and model, born and raised in Southern Georgia. My interest in fashion actually developed at a young age, eight-years-old to be exact. I remember being inspired while traveling to Washington D.C. visiting the White House. Fast forwarding to 2012, as a freshman in HS I joined Future Business Leaders of America aka FBLA and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America aka FCCLA. I joined those extra credit programs to challenge my creative side in recycling fashion. Furthermore, I recieved many nominations and awards for FBLA and FCCLA regional, state and national fashion design competitions. My love for creating new garments grew even the more in 2015. Following my HS graduation, I decided to host my very first fashion extravaganza "Dress for Success". Things in my life took a turn for the worst during college causing me to drop out twice. I would have never dreamed of a better solution than The Fashion Hero to give creatives like myself a voice. As of today, I am currently working as an independent consultant while working part time for my own company. I hope to inspire at least one person to pursue their dreams and aspirations no matter the challenges they face.

My dreams and passions

Fashion is something I am very passionate about! I design and recreate fashion as a hobby. My core values include: Family, Integrity, Quality, and Confidence. I believe, our values help keep our passion moving forward in a productive path toward fulfilling our purpose.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As an influencer I would take this platform to motivate and encourage others to follow thier dreams no matter how impossible it may seem. It would be a dream come true for me being apart of The Fashion Hero season 2! Matthew 19:26 KJV

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