Laidee k
40 years old
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About me

I would describe my self as strong, a survivor, a fighter, a lover, a friend to all, social butterfly, and very optimistic. Sheesh! The journey I walk is full of obstacles. I use to hide from this twisted world full of darkness. I hid until my light dimmed and I began to become the world. A war began I invited soilders to help me fight but soon they faught me. I wandered around as a gypsy blending with the things that only made me hurt worse, so bad that I put the sword to my self ready to give up the fight. In my darkness I gained strength by focusing on my light, reminded me who I am. I am loving, caring, passionate, patient, I am peace. I ran full throttle with my light brighter than ever leaping over hurdles till the path was clear I looked back realized the toughest fight I had was me, a reflection of a stranger in the my mirror took over me. Faith,lstrength, and prayers were my soliders and together we comgured that being and I received my crown. My awaking will guide me ,help me, show me how to continue to conquer. For others who are weak I'll mirror them with pleasure let them see they to may have site, yet will pull away if danger arise, never to dim or fold. So my answer is I am light, I am love, I am beauty.

My dreams and passions

I don't dream like others I rest. My passion is to have a home for drug addicts, mental health, and elderly who may suffer from Alzheimers and Dementia. I want to show them a new way mistly by offering love removing the ones who needed a change of environment, and comfort and a smile to those who see me before the rest and forget me by morning. I want the world to see my vision and maybe my light ,grow till we're all on one accord. Love no hate like the hippies they had the right idea.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Duh look at me hunny this beauty runs deep inside and out. I figure in a material world where fashion catches most attention of the upcoming generation they will see me , remember my style, remember this interview, they will look at my positivity and then my fashion matches equally, positivity won't be lame it'll soon be a trend like ummmm.... "swaposi" swaging and positive. Matter of fact that'll be my new name Swaposi.

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