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Who am I?

I’m young man from Eatonton, Georgia who is ready to take the world in his hands. I have been dreaming and hoping to modeling one day. My characteristics is funny, outgoing, and very appealing. I’m a go getter who never back down from a challenge. My capabilities of doing this is unmatched because I always find a way to make things happen. “Oh and remember I never back down from a challenge“. I’m very competitive but most of all I’m very loving.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

I think fashion hero’s is a tv series about changing the modeling industry in how individuals see models of today. Showing the world that being a size, age, and height does not matter. All size in the modeling industry can bring a different atmosphere and different light to the business. Also it shows that anyone can do commercial, print and runway just like others of today. This series is changing the business on how anyone can make it into the fashion business.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would be great role model for this generation because I know what this generation is like. I am a strong leader, a dedicated person, and a great listener to my peers. I love to understand others point of view and use them to better the world of today. My leadership skills and educational skills helped to be confident in my self, so that I can help others to become better of themselves. When I grow as a individual I’m not only growing for myself ,however, I’m helping the ones who behind me. I always remember “each one teach one” motto, it is a great tool to you use a role model. My struggles and experiences helped me to defined who I am as influential person. Being the new face Fashion Hero I can influence the world achieve their dreams. I want to be the face of this generation, teach them to be authentic and love yourself for who you are. I’ve struggle with insecurities everyday and I’m not perfect. As the new face of fashion hero My personality, characteristics , and work-ethic is outstanding. I will work hard and put all of me into my craft also the craft of others.

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