Laura Kathryn
Information Specialist and Mental Health Technician and student
36 years old
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My Definition of Beauty

My definition of beauty is intrinsic and instinctive. Beauty is the prolific expression of love, and acceptance; the idea that we are embraced and championed for being different and special, all the way down to our DNA. It's not important that a beautiful person be specifically blue eyed and brown haired or green eyed and's a shine, it's's the ability to express how you wear your heart on your sleeve.

About Me

My name is Laura Kathryn. I am a brain tumor survivor. I am getting a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychology. I am a happily married 35 year old, world traveler. I'm totally happy to be a furmama . My dog is my baby, and his name is Jasper. I enjoy painting in acrylic.


Volunteering, Traveling, Art, Swimming, Poetry

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