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My definition of beauty is intrinsic and instinctive. Beauty is the prolific expression of love, and acceptance; the idea that we are embraced and championed for being different and special, all the way down to our DNA. It's not important that a beautiful person be specifically blue eyed and brown haired or green eyed and's a shine, it's's the ability to express how you wear your heart on your sleeve. My name is Laura Kathryn. I am a brain tumor survivor with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. I am a happily married 37 year old, world traveler. I'm totally happy to be a furmama, so no kids for me. My dog is my baby, and his name is Jasper. I enjoy painting in acrylic, writing, singing and traveling.

What do I think about the Fahsion Hero TV Series?

My dream, is to become famous for my look ,my creativity, and my skills. Then use my fame to improve the human condition. I want people to recognize me for blazing the trail, and changing the way society functions as a machine. I want to use my skills in communication, and art, and my knowledge of the world (having lived with 17 host families on 4 continents), to raise the standards of beauty and self love. I want to be a house hold name, for models who are under represented, and use the fame that comes with it, to open philanthropic industries for mental health care. I want to tell my life story, and use my pain to inspire others and to continue to overcome and achieve. I want to feel beautiful, and not apologize for it.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

As the next Fashion hero, i will push the envelope, challenge social norms, and change the thinking process about beauty and health. Once I acquire the funds and resources, I will open a mental health facility that caters to creative therapeutic entrenpreneurship, that teaches society to be a culture of global knowledge, and compassion, and use the skills I acqurie in the modeling market my passion for healing and learning, and above all else I want use my life to express and mobilize compassion! I very strongly believe that my healer has many amazing things in store for me...I believe that, paying it forward comes back ten fold...I believe this, because a fundraiser I did, got me scholarships to travel the world. As long as I am alive I will always aspire to model, that is because it is a marketing platform to creative venues, and a place that could and should champion the individual.

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