Linda Sarina
20 years old
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About me

My name is Linda Sarina Woisiri. My friends normally called me Linda or Lili or Linlin. I am 20 Years old. My mom from a small island called Biak and my dad from Waropen. I am a student from Serui, Papua, Indonesia. I am currently studying in Perth Western Australia. I like colour blue and I like to play ukulele.

My dreams and passions

My dream is I want to change the way most people think about beauty because most of them think that beauty is when you have fair skin color, straight hair and skinny body. However, I think that beauty is when you except yourselves as the way you are.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

If I become the next fashion hero, I want to let people know that it's better to be yourself.

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