18 years old
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Beauty comes from within, shouldn't matter what size or height you are, if you have a beautiful soul .

My dreams and passions

I'm 17 , from Ireland. I'm 5ft 5 which means I'm 2ins below the minimum required industry standard. I have been a finalist in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles and an award winner at Top Model U.K. . I have been turned down by most of the Irish agencies because of my height , and there is not enough commercial work here either, it mostly goes to the main board models . But I am determined to succeed and list Mimi Ellashery and Devon Aoki as models I admire . I suffered from anxiety as a young child and still to this day , but have learnt to live with it as I got older. I would like to be a role model for kids to show them that anything is achievable . You can follow me on Instagram on @lucy_k_model

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I love singing dancing and socialising with my friends. I enjoy movies and have recently started pole fitness. I play Gaelic soccer for my school team and love supporting my county Gaelic team.

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