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Who am I?

Hello, My name is Mahesh Suthar., I turned 23 on Jan 16th, 2020. I come from a Hindu Religion of Indian parents and I am someone who grew up proud of what I have achieved throughout my life, but looks have never been something I was allowed of showing it off nor my little dark skin.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

Honestly, I didn't know about the show till now when an ad appeared for me while working.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Being a role model means you have to be a real person at heart with true manners and humanitarian values. I believe I got all of that, and despite the criticism, I have got throughout my life whether it's looks or weight or from strangers and closest people, I managed to grow up well and achieve whichever I put my eyes on to. Thus, I really wish to get the chance and prove to everyone that there is no one allowed to set their personal opinion as the international standard for being a person.

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