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17 years old
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About me

My name is Maila, im a 17 year old Pakistani, I’m currently doing a business diploma from a college in ajman. I live in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

My dreams and passions

Im a very passionate person about my dreams. I work hard to make sure my dreams come true, one of my dream is to become a model, a place where i am from, doesn’t allow girls to take part in modeling industry. I’ve tried a lot of times to get in modeling from many agencies, but they have rejected me because of my race, i really need to become one, and prove everyone who did not believe in me wrong. I’ve always wanted to become a Fashion hero, i always come up a way to solve my problem. Im not just make it all about me, im kind of “lets walk through this together” be coming a fashion hero, will motivate so many young girls to pursue this career role, and be a source of motivation.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

The place where i am from, people take everyone very lightly, they dont think Pakistanis can become anything in their life, they dont think we Pakistanis are any competition for them, and that is why I’m here, to prove them wrong, to make sure they recognize us pakistanis. I wouldn’t just make it all about me, i will make sure I encourage everyone to come and try out with me. I will make sure no one is going to feel like they arent needed in the industry. Yet i will also be a competition to them and they will be for me, but its a competitive life, win or lose is a must in it. I will try to get what i came for and them get what they came for, at the end of the day there is one winner.

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