Mark Daniel
24 years old
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About me

Hello! I'm Mark Daniel From Philippines , 24 years old , Very Friendly person and also my favorite sport is Badminton, I am not Hunk person because i am slim or Thin with the good heart. and i have a brown eyes and black hair.

My dreams and passions

All people have a dreams in life for me My Dreams since i am a child is to become a Celebrity or Model,. But it is depends in the Future on me what is my future,. but i really want to become a model or to become a successfull person someday so that i can help the poor people or in the charity i can give a little gift.That is my dreams.. Dreams with the purpose.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I think Nothing is difference because the last Fashion Hero contenders are so gorgeous and pretty or Handsome.But i will do my very best that i can if i am the one that you gonna choose me as the next Contenders for The Fashion Hero..

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