21 years old
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About me

I am 20 years old originally from Yakima WA. I am currently in school in Seattle, WA trying to get into a BSN nursing program. I am engaged to a wonderful man

My dreams and passions

I have always wanted to become a known model and to show that height isn't everything in the modeling industry. Each women is beautiful in every unique way and I want to make a difference. My other passion is my love for people, I am pursuing a nursing profession because I want to make a difference in someones life, make them feel better, not only physically, but also mentally.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Show people that modeling is not all about someone's height, and that beauty comes from feeling good in your own skin and to feel confident with who you are. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and heights and I want to make a difference by showing I can do whatever as long as I believe in myself and so can everyone else. I want to inspire whoever watches this show. If you Dream it, You can be it.

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